What is a Service Plan?
A vehicle service plan covers 100% of the cost of servicing your vehicle at required intervals as stipulated in your service record book at any vehicle manufacturer’s service center or RMI approved service centers who has signed up to the GLOBAL GREEN DRIVE PROGRAM. [as per term’s & condition’s point 5 paragraph 1 to 6]

What Make Our Service Plan Unique?
Our service plans is the only service plan available globally which cover vehicles for UNLIMITED YEARS AND MILEAGE  OF SERVICING.  [as per terms & conditions [point 17 paragraph 1 to 7]

How Long Does The Service Plan Lasts? 
The service plan lasts as long as you are the owner of the vehicle. [as per terms & conditions [point 17 paragraph 1 to 7]

Is the Service Plan Transferable to a New Owner or Vehilce?
No Service plan is non-transferable under any circumstances. [as per terms & conditions point 17 paragraph 2 and point 8 paragraph 1 to 4]

If My Vehicle Has High Mileage & is an Older Model Will The Service Plan cover My vehicle?
Our Unlimited Service Plans cover 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 & 10 Cylinder Engine Vehicles with no restrictions, Any Age, Any Year Model.

What If I Don’t Have a Service Record Book or Any Other History of My Previous Service Record? 
You will be provided with a new service record book on the purchase of the service plan. We do not require any records of your previous service history. [as per terms & conditions point 5 paragraph 1 to 6]

Does The Service Apply to Vehicle Used for Business or Any Other Transportation purposes?
Yes the service plan applies to all vehicles for business and private use. [as per terms & conditions point 1 paragraph 1]

Where Do I Service My Vehicle?
You will service your vehicle at your nearest R.M.I service center of your choice . [as per terms & conditions point 2 paragraph 1]

I Have Purchased & Activated my Service Plan?
Book your service online 3 days prior to the service booking on this website at service booking. [as per terms & conditions point 17 paragraph 5]

                            Do I Make Any Payment for My Vehicle Service & Claim the Costs From Autoserv Global?                                      No, AUTOSERV GLOBAL will make the payment for your service on your behalf to the service center prior to your collecting your vehicle. [as per terms & conditions point 17 paragraph 8]

What If I Have Service Problems or Non-Satisfactory work Carried out by the Service Center?
We do not guarantee or warranty any service work or repairs carried out by the service center but will assist in resolving the problem with the center before the payment is made if needed [as per terms & conditions point 17 paragraph 1 to 3]

Do You Offer Any Loan Vehicle or Pick Up & Drop Off Services Whilst my Vehicle is Being Serviced?
No but we can arrange Uber.

       What Are The Prices Of Our Unlimited Service Plans:

  This Prices are all once of payments.

  1. Bronze service Plan – R 11 222.00 – 3 cylinder vehicles
  2. Sliver service Plan – R 22 333.00 – 4 cylinder vehicles
  3. Titanium service Plan – R 33 444.00 – 5 cylinder vehicles
  4. Gold service Plan – R 44 555.00 – 6 cylinder vehicles
  5. Platinum service Plan – R 55 777.00 – 8 cylinder vehicles
  6. Diamond service Plan – R 77 888.00 – 10 cylinder vehicles

   Can I purchase the ceramic coating separately on Paint, Wheels, Trimmings, Fabric,Tail & Head Lights and windows?

Can I purchase the ceramic coating combined?

Is there a waiting period for application to be done?
Booking must be made by submitting an online application form at service booking at application forms

Ceramic coating protects vehicle against?
1. Bird Droppings
2. Tree Gum damage
3.  Insect Acid
4. Road Grit and Tar damage
5. Brake-dice dust damage 
6. Rust & Erosion
7. Temperature Cycle
8. Micro Marring
9. Chemical damage
10. Mineral deposit
11. UV & Sunshine

12. Rain & Pollution

13. Industrial Failouts 


What is the cost of the ceramic coating?
We have different coating and years on the coating available
1 Year Coating Available Ecocoat Poly:
Trimmings R 4 555.00
Lights R 4 555.00
Windows R 4 555.00
Wheels R 4 555.00
Fabric R 7 999.00
Paint R 11 888.00
2 & 4 Year Paint Coating Available:
2 Year R 15 333.00 Ecocoat Quartz
4 Year R 17 999.00 Ecocoat Kenzo

Vehicle Sterilization working and application?
Our vehicle sterilization solution kills 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses and mold spores in your vehicle and its air conditioning system. Unlike other spray canisters that mask smells and odors, our solution kills all odor causing bacterial! This solution is highly effective against COVID – 19 and many other respiratory viruses as well.

What is the cost of the VEHICLE STERILIZATION?
It is absolutely a FREE GIFT with each unlimited service plan and with each 4 year ceramic coating.

Can I purchase the Vehicle sterilization on it own?
Yes – you can purchase this product on its own, it’s available on our product pages.

What is the price of our VEHICLE STERILIZATION?
The once off cost of the vehicle sterilization is R3 555.00

Can I pay on monthly basis?
YES – When bought through finance it is automatically added to your monthly instalments. If bought through our website or sales consultants you will have a few options of payment.

Can I purchase the AUTOSERV GLOBAL products at used or new car dealership to add onto my bank finance?
YES- before you purchased your used or new vehicle you must advise the
salesperson at the dealership that you prefer to purchase an AUTOSERV GLOBAL
Service plan, Ceramic Coating or vehicle sterilization products –

We are bank approved

We are on the dealership software Signio & Dealer Net.

How do I pay for any AUTOSERV GLOBAL products?
We will not be liable for any loss of any cash payments made to its representatives. All cash deposits, bank transfers, EFT payments, etc: Must be paid into AUTOSERV GLOBAL bank account, for the following products:-You must use your I.D as your reference when making payment or Pre Owned dealership sales via F&I will add it to the finance, just remember to inform the salesman or F&I you want our products to be added and ask them to sign up to take part at our GLOBAL GREEN DRIVE PROGRAM, if the dealership don’t have our products and services yet.

Happy Motoring & make a difference ! 

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