Solas Recovery Centre


“To empower persons with substance addiction and physical and emotional disabilities to regain their dignity and fulfil their destiny in life”


”To supply the facilities and means to help persons with substance addiction and physical and emotional disabilities to rebuild their lives step by step, and then help others do the same.


“Those who know WHY they are doing something, will always outperform those who only know how to do it”


Solas Recovery Centre use proven business methods to Create Shared Value and ignite (help, encourage) and teach persons with substance addiction problems and persons with physical and emotional disabilities news skills to fill their place in society. We use social enterprise methods to build workshops and training facilities in abandoned buildings, to enable entrepreneurial person to transfer their skills to those who need it. As part of our long term impact plan, we focus on the development of Green Energy and Water Saving solutions, and we hoping to create independent communities with Solar Farms and “Water from Air” facilities.

 Corporate Involvement

We offer Corporate opportunity to become part of these projects, creating shared value in the
areas where Family Lives would like to operate in, by investing into family lives in their different fields
of experience such as:

✔ The artisan field (Electricians / Boilermakers / Mechanics / Brick layers / Painters /Carpenters / Toolmakers and Plumbers)
✔ Security (Safety Officers/Security Guards/Site Supervision/Farm Security/V.I.P Protection)
✔ Health work (Nurses / Care Givers / Frail Care /Social Welfare Workers)
✔ Hospitality and Tourism (Managers / Front of House – Reception / Back of House – Admin and Accounting / House Keeping – Cleaners and Supervisors / Mechanical – Workshop and Maintenance / Food and Beverage – Chefs / Restaurant Managers / Waiters)
✔ Drivers (code 8-14 / Motorbike /Heavy lifting and Earth-moving Equipment)
✔Sport and Entertainment Event Organizers (MC’s, Project Leaders, Riggers, Transporters, Sound Engineering and Set up)
✔ Clothing Industry (Design / Sewing / Packaging )
✔ Agricultural (Traditional Farming Practices – Livestock / Vegetables and Fruit / Tunnels / Flowers / Landscaping)

Social Welfare & Support

There is also an opportunity for existing rehabilitation centers to become part of this process of Creating Shared Value by adding facilities and expertise in the rehabilitation field.
✔ Providing Treatment to Corporate Clients.
✔ Providing Trained Staff to assist in Counselling and assessments.
✔ Refer persons who has completed their rehabilitation successful, to join skills development courses and programs.
✔ Refer persons for positions in skills training and enterprise centers.


Approximate value R 150 000 for a 18 month period

 Corporate Involvement

Approximate value R 50 000 for a 6 month period


To all client family’s or co-workers, how is part of our Green Drive 

Happy Motoring & make a difference ! 

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