Drive to a Greener Future 

Our core focus is to ensure every vehicle owner has our Unlimited Year & Mileages Service Plan. The drive is to ensure all vehicle owners services their vehicles according to manufacturer’s service book for Unlimited Year and Mileages of the vehicle at approved R.M.I & Green Drive Service Centers.

Our vision “Driving towards a Greener Future” supports our “Global Green Drive Program Policy” in Reducing our Global Carbon Footprint and the control waste car oil by preventing it being poured down drains and sewers which ends up in our rivers and oceans as with “Back door service agents.” A regularly serviced vehicle will ensure reduced oils leaks on the roads reducing road carnage and accidents including reduced mechanical failure and vehicle breakdowns. 

Family Lives Matter to Us

As part of our Global Green Drive  to reduce carbon emissions and to help save water and prevent oil pollution through engines that are taking strain is our CSV Program, Solas Recovery Center that aimed at family and business environments. People are also exposed to products and situations which cause them to under perform and breakdown and end up on the street or even dead.

Substance abuse and homeless is fast becoming a problem which is having a negative economic effect on all businesses globally. Employees lose their jobs, dignity, family lives and business owners over pay for unfit employees. This results in a loss of productivity, and therefore the loss of skills to the company. The program is there to assist with this problem in the same manner as which a vehicle would be looked after and be treated in the drive as our green drive.

Restoring dignity creates a positive attitude, and like a well-maintained vehicle can be an asset to a company. Together we can make difference globally to the upliftment of people in need at Solas Recovery Center,


Happy Motoring & make a difference ! 

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