Offering ALL Vehicle owners an UNLIMITED & SUBSIDIZED Service Plan.

Global Green Drive Contribution

Reduced Carbon Emissions; Disposal of Oil and Contaminants that eventually filter into our Oceans. Correct recycling of Non-Biodegradable Engine Components; Reduced road Carnage by improving vehicle Safety; Reduction of Accidents caused by Oil slicks on our roads. Reduction in Accidents caused by Mechanical failure of motor vehicle Engine parts. Reduced Fuel Consumption. Reduced Engine Wear and Damage. Reduced Oil Consumption. Increased Engine Lifespan. Reduces Oil Contamination in our Oceans. Increases Driver, Passenger, and Family Safety on the Roads.


 Unlimited Years & Mileage Service Plans

Covers vehicle services according to Manufacture’s service intervals

as stipulated in manufacture service book.

& Incentives 

Vehicle sterilization against all bacteria
Set of 4 factory size tires will be received on the 4th service


Available for

 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 cylinder vehicle engines

at different once off payments

according to cylinder size.


Eco Friendly Ceramic Coating 1 yr


Paint 1, 2 & 4 yr

Vehicle Sterilization

Against all harmful Viruses
Kills 99,999 % of all bacteria
Removes all odour smells


(Please use your I.D as your reference number).

These benefits apply globally.
Finance the Service Plan with your next vehicle purchase. Clients are advised that no cash payment must paid to any representative of AUTOSERV GLOBAL.
We will not be liable for any loss of any cash payments made to a representative. All cash deposits, bank transfers, EFT payments, etc: must be paid into AUTOSERV GLOBAL bank account by the client.

Happy Motoring & make a difference ! 

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